Wednesday , March 3 2021

The Zondo Commission records German attention

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has welcomed it The Zondo Commission which gave German investors confidence.

Addressing the media after an official state visit with President Cyril Ramaphosa in Cape Town this morning, Steinmeier said investors were encouraged by the independence of South African justice. He said he was closely following the work of the Zondo commission, adding that it was clear that the judiciary did not exclude the pursuit of even political figures and other important executives in the country where they have made a mistake.

"It is clear that there is a new departure, a new dawn that follows a period of economic uncertainty, a decline in growth, a downgrading of credit ratings and a reduction in investment activities." During this meeting and during our meetings in Germany I can see how things change, even those who are not in politics comment on change, there is no sense of resignation, not just a new dawn in words, but there are specific policies which we will see implemented over the next five years, "said Steinmeier.

In particular, at the state arrest committee, the German president said the fight against corruption was critical to restoring investor confidence.

"German investment is an investment climate and part of it is the fight against corruption." If corruption is widespread, there will be difficulty in attracting foreign investment, German companies will not be willing to invest in a corrupt region Here is a visible and successful struggle against corruption because the perpetrators are punished. "

Ramaphosha said he is not surprised that the international community was arrested by the Zondo Commission. He said the Commission was an opportunity for investors to learn how serious South Africa was in tackling corruption.

"The state arrest committee is an opportunity to see to what extent we are able to correct our ways, get rid of trends and practices that are totally opposed to the normal type of clean government they would normally expect. So this committee is almost a cleaning process. It is a process of clearing all the bad things that happened in our country and we wish the commission very well in its work as it cleanses South Africa and brings to the fore the truth about what happened in the past, "said Ramafosa.

"How does it go? It works well but as [the] the chairman who appointed this committee I wish them well and as I look forward to this report so that we can act on the basis of the recommendations that are being drafted. "

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