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The sexiest man Alive Idris Elba admits he may be "a bit naughty"


He is an actress, a pro kickboxer, a deejay, a rapper and a clothes designer – so it's no surprise this year's Sexiest Man Alive, Idris Elba, she likes to have some fun.

Developing East London as the only child in African immigrants, Elva, 46, "was a good kid, but my parents were very tough," she says People in the cover story this week. "When I was 14, I just grew up a mustache, I was out there."

Joining a school of all boys was a bit of a "shock of civilization," the actor insists. "He was very curious, machismo, who is bigger than who?" recalls Elba, who also played sports such as football, football and cricket. "I was a student C or B. I could not sit in a class for long periods of time. I will get bored. "

Idris Elba leads

As soon as he found the reputation, Elbe learned the importance of authenticity. "When I meet someone, I can read what part they want me to see – if they want to see this guy on TV," he says. "And sometimes this is not in real life."

But he admits he has a "disorderly" side. "I told you my parents were strict, so there is a revolutionary side for me," he says, laughing. "I have a little bit of power with the power sometimes, I'm the guy who, if he says" Do not push the button, I'll push it. "I think I'm curious Not in a dangerous way like what happens if? "

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His current fight? "Whiskey can be a perception, it's a slippery slope because it's a very spicy alcohol," says Elba. "When it comes to eating, I could eat meat, like a steak."

The actor also has 10 tattoos and could easily see himself growing more in the future. "I love my palms," he adds. "I have the names of my children and the symbols of my culture, which are half of Sierra Leonean and Ghana." I have a line from one of my favorite songs: "This train does not bring any offender". It's not reasonable to be hidden, it's just an idea that you can transfer negativity or leave it at the station and continue. "

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