Saturday , September 25 2021

Panyaza Lesufi Declares Termination of Apartheid Educational Urban Design

The maps of 2,067 feedstocks were completed for consultations, of which 334 schools questioned their proposed power supply zones.

Catering zones will be reviewed every three years. If a school management school (SGB) is unhappy, they can resort to their designated catering zone within 30 days. There are no catering zones for special schools because they cover learners with special needs and abilities.

Explaining the change, Gauteng Deputy General Manager, Albert Chanee, said: "If there are 1,000 jobs in a school, everyone comes in, no matter where they come from."

If there are more applications than the locations, the department will consider the feed zone within a radius of 30km for applications. "People who are within 30 kilometers will prefer."

If there are still too many applications, the department will consider the distance if a brother attends the school and the parents work in the area.

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