Tuesday , July 27 2021

Megan and Harry move neighbors away just one month after moving

Just a month after their arrival, Megan and Harry’s neighbors decided to leave.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry went home forever to Montecito, California to begin their tale in the United States.

However, just a month after their arrival, the Duke and Duchess’s neighbors decided to leave.

This is because since the duo moved to the luxury location, property prices have seen a dramatic rise.

So much so that it becomes difficult to afford a house in the affluent area and the neighbors decide to cash in and sell.

As reported by Forbes, The former home of actor Rob Lowe, which is within walking distance of Meghan and Harry’s new home, has been sold for $ 22.5 million.

The property is similar to that of Meghan and Harry, which is designed to look like an English cottage.

The fantastic home has been described by the real estate agency as, “A charming estate to inspire adventurers of all ages, this heritage is the epitome of Montecito and Southern California.”

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