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Honor 10 Lite – A hella schweet deal for a decent handset

Every time we meet a headset that is so bright and inexpensive, we get more than a little giddy. Honor 10 Lite sums up the smartphones they have to try to be – it can do what you need to do it well (enough) and it will not bother you in the process.

The Honor 10 Lite is without doubt one of the most slickest phones released by Honor. It is relatively thin and pocket (depending on your pocket) and has almost unobserved display on board.

We know what you think. "But can I buy a price phone with all current Huawei / Android?" Good question. But now we know that Huawei will continue to promote Android updates for switching smartphones. So you can still enter some good-looking pocket.

In only R4.500 this is probably the best value-for-money phone on the market right now. We've put the Honor 10 Lite on a serious hands-on test, using it as our primary phone for a long time to know that everyone deserves a phone so good at this price.

Do not touch the valuables

With the screen locked and totally dark, it's a bit hard to say except for many flags today, especially its big brother Mate 20 Pro. They are thin and elegant and shining like all hell.

Around the back, it looks like a single sheet of glass, with honorable glow. Only this is not typical metal and sandwich glass, because that would be very expensive. The 10 Lite is made of plastic, sadly. Plastic that is a magnet for fingerprints and feels noticeably smaller than the premium after you get it in your hand.

But do not worry! As we have seen with many smartphones in the current months, you will receive a phone cover in the box. So, even if it looks less impressive, you will be able to keep your brand new phone safe from the "random" drops (we've seen you find yourself on the phone with fat fingers – not found).

There is no denial of Honor 10 Lite seems to be the role, though. We have certainly seen the worst mobile phones (ahem, Hisense). The screen here fills almost the entire front of the phone, with the only dotted tear-free style. And that's just to create space for the selfie – the pride and joy of Honor 10 Lite.

Damage the ship to the harbors

We can see some clear gifts that this is not a flagship. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a teeny bezel (which never bothered us), and the rear camera sensors do not really sit with the device. But this is easy to fix with the cover, so it really did not hit us so much.

Make at least one fingerprint sensor, even a headphone jack (oh, hells yeah) – but it sits next to a microUSB charging port. It's in 2019, guys. Can we all agree that it is USB-C all the way from now on? Less than 10 points for this.

Just look at this … saturation!

The 6.21-inch IPS screen is brilliant and tip-to-edge – is not what everyone really wants right now? It also has a resolution of 2,340 x 1,080, which you would just expect for this number of randelas. But you know what? For basic weekdays, you will have no complaints. Also, it's IPS, defos does not have the effect of OLED, even LCD, but it's still good. Especially with darker, higher contrast images.

We do not know what Timor is doing before packing their phones, because out of the box, the screen is very lively. Changing color temperature from "Vivid" to "Normal" in display settings helps reduce sound effects but also shifts the color balance to the blue edge of the spectrum. We ended up returning to the "almost" carnival setting.

Two are not part of these sensors

An R4.500 phone with two rear camera sensors? Yes, it will look like you have a funny P20 Pro to other people, but your images will be seriously lacking.

It turns out that only one of the sensors does the job (13MP one) – the other one is only there for backup when you decide to get some horizontal fuses (2MP, F / 1.8). The second snapper is clearly used to calculate the depth, so it is useless if you do not use bokeh-portrait mode. Which we strongly advise. He should work well on objects with fixed lines – which excludes man.

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